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Stay ahead ofthe marketwith

Stay ahead of the market with


Parmarket was founded in 2024 with the aim of becoming the UK’s leading MRaaS (Market Research as a Service) company and an authority in the legal market research space assisting the legal sector and becoming a trusted resource for all practicing Solicitors in the UK.

about us

Established in 2024, Parmarket set out to emerge as the foremost MRaaS (Market Research as a Service) company in the UK. Our goal is to establish authority in the legal market research domain, aiding the legal sector and earning the trust of solicitors across the UK.

After over 11 years of collaborating with and offering services to thousands of solicitors and supporting the legal profession in the UK, many solicitors have highlighted the absence of an effective marketing strategy to attract pertinent clients, often due to inadequate market research. This is precisely where Parmarket aims to step in as the solution for all your market research requirements. We aspire to aid in improving your company's bottom line and, more importantly, enhance the quality of service you offer to your clients.

We acknowledge the ripple effect of the information we share with our clients, which then extends to their own customer base. Consequently, we commit to delivering thoroughly researched information.

Given the prevalence of misinformation online, relying on Parmarket can alleviate one stressor for your company, enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters: delivering equitable legal services to your clients.

Our services

Why use our service?

Legal Trends Analysis: Providing the insights into the emerging legal trends, regulatory changes and industry-specific challenges in 2024 and beyond

Latest Client Demographics: Essential for Law firms in targeting the most relevant market to their company

Employment Trends: Advice in locating the best staff for your firm and latest employment figures in the legal industry

Market Entry Strategies: Assisting your company in entering new markets by providing market intelligence and strategic insights

Technology: The latest in legal technologies and trends helping your company to stay abreast of innovations in legal services

scope of research

We strive to guarantee that our research scope and depth of analysis surpasses information available elsewhere, contributing not only to the growth of your company but also to the advancement of the legal sector as a whole

We provide comprehensive quarterly or annual reports with in-depth research within the legal sector to make informed decisions, mitigate risks and identify opportunities. Personalised plans tailored for your company also available including analysis & advice, please ask for further information at time of enquiry.

We are committed to respecting data privacy and compliance with relevant legal regulations and ensuring that all information provided is accurate at the time of writing.

Our Clients

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If you require any further information before committing to working with Parmarket, please get in touch via the contact form below with your preference on how you would like us to respond (phone, email or videocall) – We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry.